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The Doric Festival

THE DORIC FESTIVAL was started in 1994 by the leisure and recreation Department of Gordon District Council and though it was intended to be a one off event, its success identified the need for the promotion of the North-east culture and ensured that it would continue.

The council invited some experienced people to assist in its production. In its third year the Council handed overall organisation to a team of 'doric' enthusiast who in 2000 formed a company limited by guarantee and obtained Charity status.

The basic format of the Festival remains as it started with THE DORIC FESTIVAL board acting as a central organising group for communities, individuals and organisations who hold events throughout the area to celebrate the unique North-east culture.

Learn about Doric

Doric is the dialect spoken here in the North East of Scotland, especially around Aberdeenshire.

Go to The Broch, the Fraserburgh area, to hear a broad accent of the Doric. You may wish to take an interpreter!

Alternatively, use the guide below to the most commonly spoken words:

Doric English Listen
Aabody Everybody Listen

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